In another example of how social media is reshaping relationships, a recently released study by Harris Interactive found users enjoy more positive experiences than negative experiences.

For example, the study found that two in five Americans say that they have received a good suggestion for something to try as a result of their use of social media (40%), 15% say they have made a connection regarding a job opportunity, and one in ten say they have found a new apartment or house through their social media use (9%). A total of 2,331 adults surveyed online between December 6 and 13, 2010 by Harris Interactive.

On the other side of the coin, a number of study participants reported they were offended by posts, comments or photos from “friends.” Many believe, however, those issues can be quelled through better privacy settings.

Ultimately, just like with any shiny and new toy, social media will continue to have some growing pains. At the same time, it seems that the positives of social media outweighs the negatives. Everyone has to decide individually how social media will work best for each individual.