“Why can’t I just buy one of these link building programs?”

“Won’t this go faster is I just buy links?”

“Why is this taking so long?”

As someone who hears these questions regularly, it is always important to explain why it makes sense to follow the path of the SEO straight and narrow. Well, here is a perfect example why.

The New York Times recently did an article on an SEO investigation of JC Penny and their organic search placement. Guess what they found? Link farms! Apparently these weren’t even cleverly hidden link farms, but blatantly obvious black hat SEO techniques.

When I was a young girl my mother used to tell me to think of the following before I did something: “when Mom finds out what I did, and she will find out, will it be worth the punishment?” While I hated hearing this as a child and teenager, it actually makes sense when it comes to your SEO plan.

Any improvements that may result from black hat techniques will be short lived. Now, if you are planning to go in, make some fast money from an SEO client and get out, well then, your mission will probably be accomplished. However, if you have any scruples or business ethics at all, you will explain to your client that when it comes to SEO, slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race.