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Many who plan SEO campaigns and online marketing programs are working hard to work social media into their plans. While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are helpful, there are still many other sites that should be part of an online marketing plan.

There were some interesting little nuggets of information in research released today by the Pew Research Center, including:

  • Twitter “barely registers” as a referring source for traffic
  • 85% of its users visited USAToday.com between one and three times per month
  • Yahoo News (and not Google News) has the largest news audience

The one tidbit I found very interesting is that most of the “news sites” (including Yahoo and Google) are aggregators. Why would I find this interesting? Simple. Aggregators aren’t anywhere near new. What is even more interesting is that a majority of traffic from aggregator, the Drudge Report (yes, that site), accounted for between 5 and 10 percent of the traffic to the New York Times and USA Today during the period studied. It also accounted for 15 percent of the traffic to the Washington Post, 20 percent to the New York Post and an astonishing 30 percent to the Daily Mail. This means the Drudge Report, a 15-year-old aggregator, is more popular than Facebook if you follow the math. Amazing!

So this is just another reminder that it isn’t all about social media.


Regardless of the type of business, we all want to make sure that the marketing plan in use provides the highest possible ROI. Therefore, it is always a good idea to do periodic audits on the different marketing channels in use. This should include a social media audit.

Some may wonder what exactly is a social media audit and how best to determine its ROI. ¬†At first, everyone was on the social media/Tweeting/Facbooking/blogging band wagon. Most figured “it won’t take much time” and “it couldn’t hurt.” Well, while that may had initially been the case, over time, just like with anything, the little tasks are what ultimately take up the most time. Therefore, a social media audit makes sense.

It is important to look at what outlets are currently in use, how much time is spent posting and managing them and what type of feedback and communication a company is receiving. A good way to see which social media channel is giving a company the most “bang for the buck” is to provide social media channel specific offers and see what type of response a company receives. This will help identify what type of customer comes from each channel and what type of order or feedback is received.

While this may sound time consuming at first, ultimately, by taking some time upfront and conducting a social media audit periodically, it will save time and effort in the long run.

Super Social Media

If someone or a company was still unsure of the power of social media, yesterday’s Super Bowl should have convinced them.

It started when Christina Aguilera flubbed a line in the National Anthem. Twitter immediately went ablaze about it, pushing it to the top of the Trending List. It continued throughout the game on both Twitter and Facebook reviewing every commercial and every play during the game, and even the half-time show.

So why should someone care? This information is gold for those in the market research field. It is better than working with a small focus group because it is a huge cross-section of people.

So if a company has been unsure if social media is a worthwhile venture, I would say it definitely is!

While many of us use social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, for fun, it has developed into a important information track when there is an uprising, like the current issues going on in Egypt.

Just like in Iran last year, the youth of Egypt has taken to the streets in protest of their President and demands for a more free life. They are using sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to get their message out and stay in contact with family members.

Unfortunately, just like in Iran, the Internet and cell phone systems were quickly shut down in an effort to create a media blackout. This ultimately has made the situation worse. Despite calls from the United States to allow access to the Internet, social media sites and cell phones, overall access is still minimal, at best.

The past situation in Iran and the current situation in Egypt shows exactly how powerful social media has become. It has gone well beyond a source of fun or getting back in touch with old friends. It is now a source for hard news and ways to stay in touch with people and media outlets from around the world. In fact, social media has been the source for many news agencies as they attempt to cover this difficult situation. It shows exactly how much the Internet has changed our lives and has been a catalyst for social justice.

Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten is a specialist in SEO, social media, blogging and content development.

Last weekend, the Northeast was hit with a blizzard. If you live in New York City or New Jersey, you know for the most part, snow removal was not handled well. That is, unless you live in Newark.

Cory Booker’s use of Facebook, and especially Twitter, is a great example of how to make social media a useful and important communication tool.

He used social media to keep in touch with his constituents during the storm as a way to identify trouble spots, people who needed help and other snow-related issues in his city. As a result, he received rave reviews for his handling of the storm, while New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie both received failing marks for their snow removal management. Especially Chris Christie, who was away in Disney with his family during the storm and the Lt. Gov., Kim Guadagno was also away on vacation, leaving the state in the hands of State Senate President, Stephen Sweeney.

So, for those of you who aren’t sure if social media is worth the time and effort, I say look to Mayor Booker’s use of social media and take a page from his playbook!